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Welcome to!

I offer you the following services:

 a basic check containing a valuation of your instrument

 improvement of sound, attack and tune

 revision of the windway

 cleaning of the instrument inside and outside

 inspection and revision of keys

 oil the instrument

 thumb hole bushing

 adherence of cracks and turning of rings

 revision and replacing of joint cork

 a detailed estimate by request

 preparation of expert opinions

 advice by phone or personally

 individual adjustment of tone holes according to restrictions caused by illness or age

Do you have any problems covering tone holes? I'm happy to be at your service through an individual adjustment of tone holes or a subsequent fixation of keys. You are welcome to contact me.

My mobile Service!

Do you play in a recorder consort or at a music school? Do you own a music store?

I'm happy to be at your service and come to your location to repair recorders and give information and maintenance tips. You are welcome to contact me for a date arrangement.

 As I am a trained woodwind instrument maker I also carry out                key repairs on instruments like clarinet, saxophone, flute, etc.



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